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Review the perfectly written chapters of your life.

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I love describing exercises for personal development. I find a lot of meaning in sharing practical ideas that others can find helpful. And this topic is a particularly meaningful one.

You are special. There, I said it. The combination of your qualities and characteristics is unique among eight billion people…

The birth, death, and rebirth of identity — what I learned living in constant fear of not being good enough.

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Most articles I write are focused on sharing a skill or specific idea. This one’s a bit different. This is a story. My story. As I write it, I’m not exactly sure what I’m hoping to give you, the reader. I guess this one’s a bit more for me.

The birth of an identity


They can create the space for connection and reflection.

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I won’t make you scroll looking for them: the two words are “I notice.” And why are these two short words so powerful? How have I used them to create space and improve my own relationships and emotional intelligence? For that, read on.

Use “I notice” to create healthy space

I learned these two amazing words from…

Jason R. Waller

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